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"Surti Runners" exists to promote and encourage recreational running in Surat. This group was started in 2011 with a simple motto of "Run and Help others Run" and has always welcomed runners of all abilities. The objective of the group has always been to encourage and mentor members in their running interests, as well as provide organized runs that benefit and promote recreational running in Surat City. The common thread within the group is that we all enjoy running. The group has a great reputation for fun, camaraderie and mutual support.

The group now has more than 1200 members. The group is formed by people from all walks of life. Doctors, engineers, businessmen, students, housewives and teenagers make this vibrant outfit alive. They are all committed to running as a lifestyle and a way towards a healthy body and mind.

Surti Runners is not a commercial organization and has been active throughout these years organizing a number of small events and Sunday Long Runs. The group now boasts of a combined experiences of more than a thousand Half Marathons, Marathons, Comrades, 100 milers, 200 km races, triathlons, Ironman and much more. The Surat City Half Marathon is an event organised completely by the runners and for the runners. We will strive to make this running event a memorable one for all participating fellow runners.

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